Welcome to Concord Piano, a provider of broad range of piano services in metro-west Boston. Founded by Christopher Brown in 1982, Concord Piano has been dedicated to enhancing the musical experience and maintaining the beauty and value of its customers' pianos.

"Concord," in the sense of harmonious agreement, is a conceptual foundation for Concord Piano, summarizing our aspirations for each service we offer, and constituting a platform from which our team of piano experts collaborates.

The piano is the ultimate conduit for expressing one's musical ideas, an instrument that can transport the player to that indescribable place where time and space melt away and pure creativity flows. At Concord Piano we strive to remove the obstacles that keep you from reaching that place. We use latest technologies, such as Chris Brown's Grandwork™ Regulating Station and Mario Igrec's Practical Touch™ system to regulate the action with exceptional precision and to analyze touch in minutes, with minimal disassembly. This not only improves the quality and consistency of our work, but boosts our efficiency and saves you money. We thoroughly analyze the piano's tonal potential before every rebuilding, and we address each area that can detract from reaching your musical goals. 

Whatever your piano needs, Concord Piano offers professional, musically satisfying solutions.