I am Christopher Brown, RPT, MPT (a Registered Piano Technician member of the Piano Technicians Guild and a member of the Master Piano Technicians). My company, Concord Piano has been providing metro-west Boston with a broad range of piano services since 1982.

In Concord, MA, the Sudbury River and the Assabet River come together to form the Concord River. "Piano", in the sense of "quiet", generally describes the calmly beautiful Concord River as it flows through town.

Concord, from con cordia (at the heart or with heart), is a place of confluence. For me, it is where the streams of home life and work life have been joined, where I have been able to have "Piano", the instrument, as both work passion and recreational pleasure all these years.

And "concord", finally, in the sense of harmonious agreement, is a conceptual foundation for Concord Piano, summarizing our aspirations for each service we offer and constituting a platform from which our team of piano experts collaborates.

Whatever your piano needs, Concord Piano offers professional solutions.