From the beginning, Concord Piano has been about best service, good value, fair practices, and professional standards. But at the heart of this company's commitment to its customers is a love of piano tone, a joy of improving playability, and an engagement with achieving greatest benefit for the player.

Once your piano playing well, up to pitch, and sounding great, here is some good advice: call us when your piano sounds its best! 

OK. Odd-sounding advice, counter-intuitive, and not what you're likely to do. But when it sounds its worst, all the wire needs to be rearranged, destabilizing the piano, and requiring extra work to re-stabilize. Tuning when the piano is in the same humidity (sounds its best) moves the wire the least and instabilities associated with moving wire are minimized. So the discipline is to schedule a best time to tune, instead of waiting until the tuning sounds terrible.

Add a Dampp-chaser humidity control system to keep the piano in temperate conditions year-round and your piano will sound its best most of the time.

Our Story

In 1982, Chris Brown RPT moved to Concord, MA with his family and hung up his shingle. Since then, working for such institutions as the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Fogg Art Museum, and the Decordova Summer Jazz Series, Chris has tuned for a wide range of jazz and classical concert artists. 

The piano rebuilding shop was built in 1986, focusing not only on Steinways, Mason & Hamlins, and fine European grand pianos, but also on a broad range of less well-known pianos. Chris attends to detail and balances the necessary with the discretionary. 

In 2005, Concord Piano moved to a new shop and set up specifically for action work. Joining forces with other specialists, Chris was able to devote his time to restoring, regulating, and rebuilding piano actions. He is currently available to provide these services. Chris also designs, manufactures, and sells grand piano regulating tools to the trade ( 

Bellies and refinishing are done by Jude Reveley RPT, keys by Mike Morvan, and moves by Bushell Piano Movers. Tuning and repairs are spread between Yoshi Yoshizaki RPT and Xiaodan Liu RPT.